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The project

GPG Australia has also developed the Berrybank 2 Wind Farm, which is an approved 26 turbine wind farm located on an area covering about 5,000 hectares within the Victorian district known as the Western Plains, located with the Corangamite and Golden Plains Local Government Areas.

The Project


The Berrybank Wind Farm was granted development consent by the Minister for Planning in 2010 for up to 99 wind turbines and associated infrastructure. Berrybank Development Pty Ltd amended the development consent to increase the size of the turbines (Mod-1), although with this amendment the project turbines will be reduced by 20, and the application will be upgrading the remaining 79 wind turbines. The Mod-1 amendment will increase the overall dimensions of the turbines including a new tip height for the turbines at 180 metres. The project’s total capacity to be in the order of 290-330MW, depending on the turbine model finally selected. The Mod-2 application has been approved on 4 February 2018 by the Minister for Planning.

 The ACT Government on September 14, 2020, announced the award to Global Power Generation (GPG), a contract to build the 107 MW Berrybank 2 Wind Farm. Additionally, and as part of the commitments associated to the wind farm project, GPG has committed to install a 20 MWh Battery Energy Storage System located within the Australian Capital Territory, that will allow to support the ACT distribution grid at the Queanbeyan substation, in partnership with TransGrid, the Transmission Network Service Provider in the region.

Global Power Generation Australia (GPG) has partnered with Vestas Australian Wind Technology and are pleased to announce that Construction has now begun on the Berrybank 2 Wind Farm, the 26 Wind Turbine Stage 2 has an expected completion date for construction to be March 2022.

The final amended development permit and associated documents will be available in the Relevant Documentation section on this page.

Current status

  • 25 of 26 Turbines Installed
  • All Access Tracks complete
  • Underground Cable Installation On-going


The project covers approx. 5,000 ha, where the current land use is primarily agricultural activities including cropping and grazing of sheep and cattle.

3D simulation

View a 3D simulation of the Berrybank wind farm stage 1 and 2 in google earth


Community engagement and benefit sharing

GPG strives to become a long-term neighbour and partner to communities in the vicinity of our projects. The Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan associated with the project is a long term commitment to deliver positive social outcomes to the local community. This plan sponsors initiatives during the Construction and Operation phases of the project that deliver benefits to the community.

Local economic development

As part of the commitments associated with the Berrybank 2 Wind Farm, the project will contribute to the local economic development by:

  • creating new job opportunities and retaining existing jobs;
  • giving priority, when possible, to local content by using local contractors, suppliers and manufacturers for the provision of a large share of the goods, equipment and services necessary for the project.

Relevant Documentation

Planning permits

All the permitting required in the planning permits are available here to be consulted.

Associated documents

All the endorsed plans and programs required in the planning permits are available here to be consulted.

Committee minutes

The minutes of all the meetings held by this Committee are available here to be consulted.



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