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Economic development

Berrybank 2 Wind Farm project is contributing to boost the local economic development in the region through the direct and indirect employment creation and the support to the Australian wind industry.

Economic Development

Employment creation

Our project is committed to create new job opportunities and retaining existing jobs related to the renewable energy sector, not only directly by our company but also by our contractors and subcontractors during the Construction and Operation phases.

Promoting the vocational training by employing local apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets is also part of our commitments in order to increase the know-how and the labor experience in the wind sector, contributing to the growth of the next generation of skilled workers in Victoria.

If you would like to join the GPG family and begin your career in the Wind Industry, please email your resume to Nathan Micallef

Renewable industry growth

Our project is also contributing to support the renewable energy industry through hiring local contractors, suppliers and manufacturers as well as collaborating with our main partners and contractors to implement initiatives that let improve such sector capabilities in terms of manufacturing, logistics, training, research, etc.

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Relevant documentation

Get access to endorsements and permitting documentation for all key aspects of the project from compliance, modifications and all plans for key assessments.